Have had requests to post up more of the original pen drawings. Below ……..VW


Copious has just dropped some new gear, currently available at ‘The Garden’ Tauranga and ‘Backdoor Vert’ Hamilton. Soon to be in more store’s.  Below are a couple of print designs I put together for the collection.

Harley Drawing….

Because alot of artwork I do and have done lately is for other companies/brands , I can’t really show it till they release it to the public which can sometimes be six months to a year away. 

Here’s something I have done recently. It’s not often I show the original drawing.  Will show the finished product at a later date.       Pen drawing – Harley…..

Aotea Sq

One of New Zealands most well known skate spots, the Legendary Aotea Square Fountain banks have been removed. You can check some of the footage captured over the years at Irrom

Below > Aotea Board coming real soon……. This has been in the mix for a while now, first drew the graphic a couple years ago.