Haze X Huf

Wow two of my Favs – HUF clothing has teamed up with the legendary Eric Haze to produce this limited collection including a board!  HAZE’s penchant for vivid colors and fluid lines will also make the board a lively art piece complete with his signature scrawl. There is also a 80’s shape board available…….

Art in the streets- Geoff McFetridge

Recently MOCA held an amazing exhibition called art in the streets. We have only been able to view it from our laptop screens, but it looked amazing all the same. Its known as the first major U.S. museum survey of graffiti and street art. Curated by MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitch and Associate Curators Roger Gastman and Aaron Rose.

The line up of artists in the exhibition was all time, you could probably spend hours here reading about it. We were pretty pumped to see Geoff McFetridge’s ( one of our favs) contribution to the exy.



New ?

So its been like 5 months since I’ve posted anything, have been crazy busy working on a bunch of different projects. Also currently working on a new website due to go live in the next few weeks………………… keep checking back.

Sk8 of the Art

There is more than one exhibition on down in Wellington for Bowl-a-rama weekend. This time its in ‘ Te Papa Museum’.

I wasn’t going to show this until after the show but its on the flyer so here you go……………Ride This Way.